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Launches June 2nd
(Pre-order at Amazon now by clicking the cover)


A Frozen Planet Prequel

Before the story can continue, there's another that must be told...

What happened to Admiral Harry Ransome after he sent his final transmission to humanity?

How did he get to the frozen planet over 150 years later?

And just what is his connection to Drusilla?

Get all of these answers in this prequel sci-fi horror this June, and learn the truth behind the words 'Space is nothing but a graveyard...'





There is nothing about this book I didn’t like. Other than I don’t yet have the next two in the series. The revelations set up what’s to come in a wonderful way.


author, Yesterday Pill

(speaking about Horizon)


As a new reader of horror, I wasn't sure what to expect, but The Dark Corner contains ten quick and easy to read stories. There's enough tension and suspense to keep you reading, plus enough darkness to be creepy without being too much if you're new to the genre like I am.
I definitely recommend this book and will be looking into other books by the author.


author, They Call Me Angel

(speaking about The Dark Corner)


If you're a fan of Saw and Freddy Jason - this book is for you! Full of spooks and scares, gore, blood and horror, this is a tremendously bold venture by the author into the deepest depths of gruesome horror.


Goodreads Review

(speaking about Frame of Mind)

In The Press


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David W. Adams was born on 7th September 1988 in Wolverhampton, UK.

He had won numerous literary prizes during his school years, writing the beginnings of various stories and then never seeing them through.

In 2020 during the Coronavirus Pandemic, David began rekindling his passion for writing, and created the 10 short horror stories which would later feature in The Dark Corner.

However, this compilation would not be published until January 2021.

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In 2021, David published five books in total, including his first novel, Wealdstone which featured the surviving characters from the short stories in The Dark Corner and sequel Return to the Dark Corner, uniting to stop an Earth-threatening enemy. From there on, the Dark Corner Series was born, and whilst it currently stands at 10 books, the series will conclude in 2024 with the final three entries.

David has recently published his first novel outside of this series, entitled Horizon, and is the first in a new trilogy of sci-fi horrors with the overall name of The Frozen Planet Trilogy.

David currently resides on the island of Portland, in Dorset, UK with his wife and fellow author Charlotte, and daughter Molly.

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