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Indie Spotlight of the Month

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight Page.

Here, I will share with you a chosen book from an Independently Published author which I have either thoroughly enjoyed, or am very much looking forward to reading.

In the past, I have confined this feature to a banner ad on the homepage, but I have read so many amazing indie books lately that I just needed to up my game!

You will find the details of this month's book and where you can grab it, below.

Sorrow Draw

by Tim Brumbaugh

I came across this guy on TikTok, and saw him packing one of his orders, and the physical book looked simply stunning with illustrations on the inside and just everything matching the theme of the Old West, and I was immediately attracted to it. Sadly, Tim only sends signed copies and bundles like that out to the US at the moment, so it was the ebook for me. Here is the brief synopsis of the story...

'The American Civil War ended in 1863 when a comet struck North Africa, plunging the world into an environmental disaster that survivors call The Calamity. Eighteen years later, former Union soldier Cornelius “Conny” White turned to bounty hunting for a New England warlord. Survival in a post-apocalyptic United States is hard and cruel, and Conny can feel his humanity slowly ebbing away. When a job takes him and his partner, a Bedouin exile named Farhad, on a long journey through a desolate and dust-choked South, they find themselves in Sorrow Draw, a mysterious town in what used to be the state of Texas.

A violent clash between the former slave population and the ruthless Paluxy Boys gang, led by a tyrannical preacher named John Mothershed, threatens to pull Conny into the bloody fray. Haunted by the vile things he’s done in the past, Conny must choose between losing what’s left of his humanity or risking everything to find redemption and save his found family.

Sorrow Draw is a Post-Apocalyptic Alternate History Western novel that reimagines a past in which the American Civil War is interrupted by an apocalyptic extinction event. The few who survive must struggle through the hardships of navigating a now barren and empty world. It's a grimdark tale of sacrifice, honor, love, and the human will to endure.'

Now this is no small book at a healthy 482 pages on Kindle, but let me tell you, this concept, world building and character development is fantastic! You are immediately entranced by the lives of Conny, Farhad, Nikki Free, Erasmus and the others, and find yourself actively fearing for their safety. Throw in a few brothel jokes here, a cannibal town or two there, and you've got a fantastic story which has simply made me yearn for the next book with massive anticipation!

The thing that staggered me about this book, was the fact that it had no reviews on Goodreads or Amazon. None. It had been out over a month, and I couldn't understand why. Needless to say, I soon fixed that!

I have also added Tim's book to My Indie Bookshelf to hopefully get him some more readership, but I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and gave it a very well deserved 5 stars!

You can get your copy now by clicking on the book cover and following the link to Amazon!

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