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Coming in 2024...

Well as I have now figured out what I'm planning to do in 2024, or more precisely, what I'm NOT planning to do in 2024, I feel I should probably share the news with you (before I change my mind again later on!).

My intentions for this year were to scale back slightly on the number of releases and focus on ending the Dark Corner Series with the final 3 books in that storyline. And right up until last week, that is what I intended to do, despite my brain pulling me in other directions. I figured once I was done with it, then I could move on.

Then I started getting incredible feedback for Horizon. And the spanner jammed itself fully into the cogs of my master plan and the whole thing kind of exploded.

I have found myself wanting to write other stories for a while now, and my interest in continuing the Dark Corner Series at the previous pace has waned significantly, almost to the point where I didn't actually want to finish it. I can now happily say that phase has passed. But there have been casualties.

The original plan was as follows :

1st January - Little Nightmares

27th March - Resurrection : Dark Rising

2nd May - The Darkest Corner

31st October - Wealdstone : Awakening

I am happy to say I am now a third of the way through writing Resurrection : Dark Rising. However, while I still plan to write and release The Darkest Corner, I have taken the decision to postpone the writing and release of Wealdstone : Awakening until 2025. This was not an easy decision to make, however I felt it was in the best interest of the series that this year enters it's third year of existence. Most franchises take years to be completed, and I feel that rushing the climax of this entire universe would be detrimental to not only me and the story, but to the readers who have stuck with me since January 2021. If my mind is focussed on other projects, then there is no way I can give what I need to the final chapter, and so I have taken this step in an effort not to harm the story.

Now, on to what will replace it...

My intention was to write the second book in the Frozen Planet Trilogy this year, with a view to releasing it some time in February 2025. This would make it just over a year between instalments. Well I have decided that thanks to the encouragement, reception, and love of everyone around me for the book, I have decided to press on with the next instalment (title reveal very soon!) with a view to a Halloween release in place of Wealdstone 3. That is merely a guideline release, however, as should the passion I have for this project explode even more, it may come earlier.

I also have a short story in a charity anthology backed by Christian Francis releasing at some point in 2024, so there will be no shortage of my things to read. I have also fleshed out the idea this morning for a potential new WIP based around the good old-fashioned haunted house setting. But being me, it'll be far more gruesome than a face in a window!

Whether that releases this year or next, who could say. But what I can tell you, is there are far more original ideas coming along in the very near future away from the Dark Corner Series that hopefully will get people excited!

Last year through TikTok Shop and my livestreams, I sold 111 books in total. My goal for 2024 is to sell 120 books overall this calendar year. I hope you can all join me on that journey.

Be sure to stay tuned to this website for the cover reveal of the next Frozen Planet Trilogy release. The cover has been ready for some considerable months now, and both the cover and title will be revealed shortly, and as usual, will be here first!

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