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Coming Soon - The Dark Corner Series Complete eBook Collection!

Well I've seen others do it, and it's one of the easiest things to do, so I figured I'd do it too!

This website is the only place you can currently download my new sci-fi horror 'Horizon' direct from me, at a far lower cost than anywhere else. So far it has proven successful, but with sales still on the floor overall, I'm no longer in a position to restock the physical books myself in order to pass them on.

So what do I do once my stock runs out?

eBooks! That's what!

Very, very soon (within weeks), I will have placed every Dark Corner book in its e-book format onto my store, at a uniform price, making it the cheapest and fastest way to get them anywhere, and meaning I also benefit more as Amazon aren't taking a chunk of my royalties!

Keep an eye out for more details, but I'm aiming to have this done before the release of my next entry in the series, Resurrection : Dark Rising in March.

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