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Dark Mode SYKD Dates

So this is awkward...

Yesterday I sent out an email blast via this news and updates section reminding everyone that the Dark Mode Stuff Your Kindle Day was today and to make sure they grab the three books I had included.

Only I got the wrong month...

Well I am writing 2 books at once, my brain was bound to mush stuff up at some point. So allow me to clarify.

THIS MONTH is the Fantasy Stuff Your Kindle Day, and yes The Land Beyond is free in that one too, but that is the 23rd June (not 20th).

The Dark Mode Day is 20th JULY (not June), and features the three books I told you about yesterday.

You wouldn't believe the level of admin I am having to do to fix this mix up on my socials, so bear with me!

In the meantime, last night I crossed the 100 page mark of Emergence, and am so consumed by potential story plots, that I am seeking out every waking moment I have to write more. This is gonna be a good one!

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