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Forget everything you think you know...

It is done.

Ransome is complete!

I can finally say that after much deliberation on whether or not to push back the release, making the choice a couple weeks ago to do exactly that, has allowed me to free my mind, sit in my comfy chair in my little library in the conservatory and finish the book exactly as I had hoped. It has also been proofread, edited, and then formatted (thank you very much Christian Francis!), and right now you can find it to pre-order on Amazon and in a few short days, it will be available to pre-order on Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Target, Darwins and a bunch more places prior to release on July 2nd.

This was such a rush to the finish, in much the same way that Horizon was. This book though... it's gonna throw you for a loop. Forget everything you think you know from the first book, because there is far more at work here than you will expect. And as with most of my books, nothing is quite as it seems!

There will be questions left hanging deliberately from this so that the answers flow into Emergence, linking all three books together. I will be starting work on Emergence slightly later than planned, likely around the time I had planned to release it, so the new estimated date for release is around Christmas 2024.

I've decided after pouring everything into this book to get it done, and interweave the stories of the two books, that I need a break from the Frozen Planet story. And on that note, I have some very exciting news coming in the June newsletter which will be winging its way into your inboxes the first week of June!

It will have not only audiobook news, Ransome behind the scenes news and the final synopsis for the book, but I will be revealing the title of my next project, which I started writing today! This one is gonna be a lot of fun and a bit of a passion project for me. It is also a far departure from the kind of things I've been writing the last few years, so if you've seen my TikTok page lately, and seen the hints, you'll know what I mean!

In the meantime, I leave you with a hint as to what is to come...

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