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Hear the tale from the killer's own voice...

A month or so ago, I was informed by my very good friend Christian Francis, that ACX which produced audiobooks for Audible, etc, provided a royalty share scheme between authors and narrators/producers which meant no upfront charge was needed to get the wheels in motion. Staggered by this amazing notion that I'd somehow missed, I set to work on the first of the Dark Corner Series books to adapt.

I decided to start with a novella, and a stand alone one at that, just to see what kind of interest there was in my stories. I chose The Game, which revolves around Armand Jellico, a serial killer who treats each kill as a level, and cannot move onto the next target until all chance of capture is eliminated.

I received 16 auditions. More than I ever thought I would receive. And then I landed on a British former stage actor, who has chosen to use a pseudonym for this as it's his first horror and he is essentially testing the market. And so, narrated by Ben Amies, you can now listen to The Game on Audible, iTunes and Amazon, and hear Armand's tale in his own words. And if I do say so, the recording is simply delicious.

I do have a series of promo codes available, which I will be offering out to those who approach me, or to other authors/reviewers I am acquainted with, so please feel free to reach out if you're interested. I have 25 codes for the UK and 25 for the US.

But yeah... how amazing is that!

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