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'Horizon 2' Reveal News

As promised on many occasions by myself, this website will be the first place to reveal breaking news or anything to do with upcoming releases. And this is no exception.

Over the last week or so, the few people who have been kind enough to read and review Horizon for me, have all given it glowing reviews and 5 star ratings, which means more to me than you can know. But the overwhelming question was regarding the chances of a sequel.

I've certainly made no effort to hide the fact that this was a planned trilogy from the start, even labelling as such on Amazon before this site launched. However, I am happy to re-confirm that yes indeed the sequel is coming. I have referred to it with the working title of 'Horizon 2' but of course, I have a final title already chosen. The cover has been finished for months as Christian Francis designed all 3 covers at the same time for me, which I thank him for because they all look absolutely stunning!

Now because I have shifted my schedule about this year to bring you this sequel earlier than planned, you will not have to wait very long for the reveal. And of course I am wildly impatient and hate sitting on secrets, even when they are my own, and I know holding out longer would build more hype. I just can't do it, I'm sorry!

And so I have decided that on the 31st January, I will reveal the cover and title of the next instalment in the Frozen Planet Trilogy here! But not only that, I will also provide you with the plot/synopsis to get your mind racing about what could possibly happen!

I will leave you for now with 2 teasers. One, is a thin sliver of the cover, which I have added at the bottom of this post.

The second teaser?

There is something far worse lurking in the Expanse than the Raxar...

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