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It's time to play the game...

And we're back again with another website exclusive EARLY RELEASE!

This month, we have the brand new, reformatted, refined, redesigned and extended version of my first novella, The Game. In this edition, there is an entirely new, never before published extension of the story detailing what happens after Armand's tale is complete.

You can download your eBook copy right here in the store, a full 3 weeks early! Physical copies will be available worldwide from all good retailers from July 31st and you can pre-order that now from Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Amazon and wherever else you get your books from!

I'd also just like to take a moment to thank you all for sticking with me during what has been an intense month or so. The website's future remains uncertain, but until the doors come down, we will keep going, keep bringing you early releases, and continue to do everything I can to give you stories worth your time and attention.

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