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New Year, New Releases!

While many people will be running around drinking themselves into a stupor and singing some silly old song at midnight that nobody really knows the meaning of while fireworks terrify pets around the globe, I will be sat in front of a computer screen, typing away on my latest project.

As promised, this website will be the first to receive any and all breaking news to do with future releases, title or cover reveals, and will also be the first place you can get your copies from. With this in mind, there are two bits of news to bring you tonight.

The first is that tomorrow sees the release of my latest collection of short horror stories, Little Nightmares. This small collection contains a trio of tales which I have written over the past couple of years in between major releases, but will be published for the first time in this book. In a first for me, the book will also be included within the Kindle Unlimited program. As always, you will be able to get your e-book copy from my website from tomorrow at a cheaper price than anywhere else in the world, and signed paperbacks will also be available here.

Second, is a world exclusive. As fans of the Dark Corner Series will know, the fourth book released in December 2021 was a science fiction tale entitled Resurrection. Earlier this autumn I released the sequel novella Resurrection : Aftermath which picked up the story 10 years later. I can now exclusively reveal that the third and final entry in this particular story is entitled Resurrection : Dark Rising and will be released worldwide on 27th March 2024.

The plot will be revealed shortly, but whilst this is the final book in the Resurrection storyline, it is the first book in what I'm affectionately referring to as the Endgame Trilogy. This book will tie the future world created in the first book, directly into the rest of the series, and set up the first step in the ending for the series overall. Naturally, the mere title reveal is not big enough for a New Year's Eve announcement, so below is the cover reveal for the book in its standard format. Naturally later on in 2024, I shall be releasing the extended edition to continue the new format that begins with the first Dark Corner book on January 31st. In keeping with the look of the other two books, this cover features a central planet and surrounding nebula and space, this time in a deep blue hue. I hope you're as excited as I am to conclude the Resurrection storyline and begin the dramatic conclusion to what has been a labour of love since 2020.

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