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Releases just keep on coming...

Exciting news coming very soon to this very page!

Yesterday, I was having so much trouble with TikTok, IngramSpark and this very website that I just needed to check out for a while, and so during that time, I worked on the cover for the upcoming Little Nightmares sequel. Up until now, I haven't said anything about this series since releasing the first volume on New Years Day.

And today is your lucky day! Because I'm not only giving you the title reveal, I'm giving you the COVER reveal AAAAAAANNNNND the title reveal for the third volume due out in November! I know, I'm just so generous!

So I can exclusively reveal here that the second volume of LN will be released on May 2nd 2024, and is entitled Little Nightmares : Fears & Phobias. Now as you may expect, this will focus on 3 of the most terrifying things in existence and you'll know immediately which one kicks off the trio of short horror stories in this book when I show you the cover. Ready? You're really not...

Told you...

And as promised...

The third volume of LN will be released on Nov 30th 2024, again consisting of 3 short horror stories, and will be entitled Little Nightmares : Holiday Horrors. As you will have guessed from the title, it will be three horror tales set around Christmas time. I don't currently have a cover designed for this one, but both of these books are now available to pre-order on Amazon!

So yeah, that's my gift to you all today. You scared yet?

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