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Same shift... different day.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't already been made aware, please let me reintroduce you to the story of Reginald T. Fox. The sole gravedigger of the town of Crossroads, USA in 1886.

That's right, my novella The Graveyard Shift has finally been turned into an audiobook! Thanks to an amazing job by my producer Terrance Scott Miller, it will be live on Audible within the week. And I have to say, the voice of Reginald is done to a T. No pun intended.

There will be some promo codes available for those of you who subscribe to my newsletter, so make sure you sign up on the homepage!

Terrance did such an amazing job, he is already working on the audiobook for the upcoming release of Little Nightmares : Fears & Phobias, which means for the first time ever, the audiobook should be ready to go when the book actually launches! Very exciting times ahead.

If audiobooks are your preferred method of reading, then keep an eye on this page... there are literally a dozen on the horizon. Every single one of my books will have an audiobook by the end of 2024. That's the aim anyway :)

And remember, if you subscribe to my newsletter as I mentioned, you can bag an audiobook FOR FREE!

In the meantime, why not mosey on down to Crossroads and have a drink with Reginald T. Fox...

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