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Something hungry is about to emerge...

The decision has been made. The words are making their way into a Word document. The tale has begun.

Emergence is officially in full swing, and I am happy to confirm that the second part of The Frozen Planet Trilogy will be released 28th September 2024!

I have spent today writing the second chapter, and creating the most chilling trailer I think I have ever made. A trailer which will launch here the first week of July, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

In other news...

I am taking part in the Fantasy Stuff Your Kindle Day, which is my first event ever! The day in question takes place 23rd June, and the book I have entered into the event is of course, The Land Beyond. Make sure you mark your calendars and get yourself a free download on that day. Additionally, TLB has also been enrolled into Kindle Unlimited for the next 3 months, so if you have a subscription, you can read it at no extra charge right now!

There is a lot more news coming your way, but that can wait for the July newsletter, which is going to hit your inboxes (fingers crossed) on July 2nd to help celebrate the launch day of Ransome.

Keep your eyes peeled...

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