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The Dark Corner as you've never seen it before...

As you may have seen on the banner on my homepage, the Dark Corner Series is getting somewhat of a redesign, which is in large part thanks to Christian Francis, who inspired me to go wide with the books for the first time! He has not only redesigned the covers to make them brand new, and uniform for the whole series, he has kindly reformatted every book to give the whole series a fresh new look.

But not only that...

Whilst many of you will be new to the series, many of you won't. So what's in it for you loyal readers who have been with me since the beginning?

Two phrases...




That's right! For the first time ever, the Dark Corner Series will be available in jacketed hardcovers... WORLDWIDE! Pre-orders for the first book are already live on Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart, Target and more across the globe. Or you can pre-order direct from the shop on this very website and have your book signed!

And let's not forget that extra content I promised you...

Every book will have either an entirely new bonus short story or extra chapter. All of this new content has been written specifically for this edition of the books, and will not be available in any other edition!

Oh and one more thing...

The first book's new extended edition will be available in e-book form for you to download from my own shop here, direct, TWO WEEKS EARLY! So make sure to keep an eye out on the homepage and grab your copy!

And in case you haven't seen the cover yet...

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