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There's still time to pre-order!

This is your last chance to pre-order one book, and your 3 day warning to pre-order another!

Tomorrow (30th June) sees the release of the eagerly anticipated extended omnibus of 'Barely Thoughts' by C.L. Adams - a poetry collection with accompanying artwork which delves into the human mind and explores the themes of depression, anxiety and longing to be something in a world that feels sometimes disposable.

This book will be the Indie Spotlight selection for July, and I cannot encourage you enough to go get yourself a copy from Amazon. This is also a reminder that everyone who pre-orders 'Barely Thoughts' will receive an eBook copy of my sci-fi horror novel 'Horizon' completely free!

This is also, as I said, your final call to pre-order the prequel to 2023's 'Horizon' which releases on Tuesday 2nd July. 'Ransome : A Frozen Planet Prequel' details how Admiral Harry Ransome came to be on a deserted ice planet over 150 years after his apparent death.

You can grab your copy in eBook form from Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, and this very website upon launch. Physical pre-orders are now available at Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Target, Darwins and more international stores than I can count!

Don't miss the July newsletter which is the biggest yet full of exciting release news, announcements, and the audiobook news you've all been waiting for...

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