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They thought they were safer on the ice...

Okay, okay, I'm sorry!

But I have had so many requests to know about what comes next after the release of Horizon that I just got too impatient! So, as I am releasing the first book trailer on Monday 29th January over on TikTok, I'm giving you guys the heads up here first!

The second book in the Frozen Planet Trilogy is called...


After battling in the Expanse with the seemingly indestructible Raxar, and discovering a previously undetected planet covered in ice, the Odyssey crash landed with only the fate of Drusilla revealed in the Epilogue of Horizon.

In Emergence, we discover the back story of all of the characters from Horizon revealing dark secrets that they have kept hidden until they can be hidden no longer. When it is revealed by the 190 year old Harry Ransome that he has survived thanks to a nanite based technology invented by the previous inhabitants of this world, the crew of the Odyssey think they have potentially found a way out of their nightmare. However, this simple healing technology has plans of its own...

With a battle both above and below the ice now on their hands, the crew of the Odyssey must not only deal with the return of the Raxar, but discover the creatures' origins and why they are seemingly indestructible.

This story is darker, bloodier, scarier and more destructive and on a frozen planet hidden with threats waiting to literally tear them apart. But as a forewarning...

No character is safe.

I haven't yet decided on a release date as I do have prior commitments, but Emergence will be released in the second half of 2024. I hope the basic summary I have provided has peaked your interest, especially those of you who have read Horizon. But if that hasn't got your attention, how about the cover reveal?!?!?!

Scroll below and bask in its glory, courtesy of a wonderful design by Christian Francis. For more details and trailer teases, head over to my TikTok page on Monday. The first video will be uploaded around 3pm UK time. Until then, remember...

...there is no salvation among the stars...

...or on solid ground.

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