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Trailer feedback and R3 updates!

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who viewed the first teaser trailer for Emergence when it went live on TikTok on Monday. It became the fastest video on my page to reach 1000 views, so many thanks for that.

Making these aesthetic videos is a slog, as a lot of time is spent sourcing images to fit the vibe and overall feel of the book, so you can imagine how irritating it was to have a troll comment that next time I should put more than 10 seconds of effort into it and use photoshop better! Asswipe.

Happily, the majority of people loved the feel and the title reveal and I received a lot of messages of support, and several reposts and shares. What I did omit from the video was that Emergence is targeting a late summer release. You know, kinda important in marketing!

Secondly, I just wanted to share with you how I'm getting on with Resurrection : Dark Rising. I am currently at the 113 page mark, and the plot is kind of in place. I'm using a lot of different time periods in this one to set up the big finale, including retellings or my versions of supposed historical events manipulated to fit the narrative. It is quite fun, I must say, but the line of whether or not this would be a novella or novel has been crossed. By the time I am finished, this will be at least 200 pages, pushing it into novel territory.

If you have read the first two Resurrection books and are looking forward to the third, I would advise you to read the other books in the Dark Corner Series first. I have written Dark Rising to make sense without it, including explanations and plot points from the series that are relevant to the storyline, but overall it would probably be easier to catch up on them before Dark Rising releases at the end of March. In particular, Wealdstone : Crossroads would be the best source material to peruse.

Well, all that is left to say is thank you again for all the encouragement towards Emergence and remember that Resurrection : Dark Rising releases on 27th March.

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