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Just a very quick update...

The extended version of Frame of Mind is now available right here on the store, 2 weeks ahead of global release! This edition includes an extra short story detailing an event leading up to the next novel, The Land Beyond, so get your copy now before anyone else!

But the main purpose of this update is that tomorrow (20th June), I am taking part in my first ever Stuff Your Kindle Day as part of Dark Mode Books!

The event will see over 300 dark fantasy, horror, paranormal, dark romance and other books available to download and keep entirely for free from Amazon for one day only!

Officially we were only allowed to register one book, and the book I chose for that was The Land Beyond. However, I have also chosen to make both entries in the Little Nightmares series free on the same day! Please share the news around, and visit my TikTok page and share the SYKD Dark Mode video around. I'm hoping to get some serious downloads this event and get one of my lesser discovered books into more hands.

More details, and the links to the books in question are on the slide on the home page!

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