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You want the good news or the bad news?

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before my brain finally accepted reality.

As some of you may know, a few weeks ago, I ended up rushed into hospital after a disturbing health scare. As a result of this, and with the trauma being head-based, I was unable to watch TV, update my TikTok page or do anything revolving around a screen for quite a while. Including writing.

I was determined to continue pushing forward with my prequel novella Ransome and get it out on the original date of June 2nd. However, yesterday whilst writing the 120th page, I was forced to conclude this was no longer viable. I was only half way through the story I wanted to tell, meaning I was now turning Ransome into a prequel novel rather than novella. There's no way I can get the story finished in the next week, my original upload deadline.

And so, it is with slight regret that I must inform you that Ransome will now be delayed until July. It's only a month, but will allow me to finish the story I've crafted and worked so hard on over the past few weeks. I hope you guys will stick with me, and agree this was the best decision when you finally read it.

The new release date is July 2nd, and pre-orders are now live on Amazon!

However, this also means that the likelihood of Emergence being delayed is pretty likely. Originally I targeted a late summer/early September release. Given the paths I want to go down with Emergence, following revelations in Ransome, I think I'm going to need more time. And so I'm retracting the expected release date, and simply saying 'Coming late 2024.'

The book will still release this year, but I'm giving myself more leeway with it, and hopefully, this too will be a great decision for me and the story I'm building. Besides, you're not getting the final instalment until late 2025, early 2026 so it's gotta be a banger to keep you all interested!

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