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Barely Thoughts

Barely Thoughts is a testament to the fragile yet indomitable human spirit, capturing the essence of survival and the beauty of emerging from the shadows.

C. L. Adams lays bare the raw, unfiltered emotions that accompany the journey through depression and anxiety. This compelling collection of poetry navigates the shadowy corridors of pain, illuminating the path to healing with poignant reflections and candid vulnerability.

Each verse serves as both a mirror and a lantern, reflecting the darkest depths of human despair while lighting the way toward resilience and hope. Adams' words resonate with anyone who has ever grappled with inner turmoil, offering solace in shared experience and strength in the power of overcoming.


Barely Thoughts is a culmination of Adams' work in Ouroboros Thoughts, and Barely Awake, containing the full content of both novels, new content, and re-mastering of the images and text within for a better reading experience. If you are looking for an immersive experience into the author's writing, this is it!

Ouroboros Thoughts, and Barely Awake, currently both remain at 5 star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads.

Barely Thoughts

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