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"They say when your mind begins to unravel, you can almost feel the threads parting from the ball of string. The neurons and impulses grasp at the strands desperately trying to keep your mind whole, but it isn't enough. Before long, the things which make a person have dissipated, along with any resemblance to sanity."


Welcome to Moriarty Hospital.


An all consuming darkness lives within these walls.


The overseer of this place, Dr. Christian Verne believes in using whatever experimental or devious methods he can to further his research into the potential of the human mind, often experimenting on those deemed insane, with little or no regard for their safety.


However, when Kristin Silverton is admitted following several violent and painful blackouts, during which she murdered multiple people, it soon becomes clear that whatever she has brought into the hospital is being enhanced by the presence of a malevolent entity residing there.


As Kristin descends into madness, violence, and becomes possessed by evil, can both her affliction and the evil within the hospital be defeated, or will the darkness consume her like so many before her?


In this exclusive extended edition, you will find a brand new additional short story never before published, revealing what happens prior to the next novel, The Land Beyond!


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