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There is no salvation among the stars...

With every known planet, colony or settlement empty, ruined or completely destroyed, a desperate crew of humans onboard the starship Odyssey, hear rumours of a mythical phenomenon called The Horizon. This magical place on the edge of known space is believed to transport those who traverse it back in time to the moment they were at their happiest.

With only death, heartache and baron wastelands surrounding them, the crew of the Odyssey head towards the Horizon. However to reach this phenomenon, they must cross The Expanse - a 30-day trip through entirely empty space.

No light, no stars, no planets... nothing.

At least that's what they think...

From the author of the Dark Corner series, comes a new trilogy of pure unbridled science fiction horror, with twists and turns around every bulkhead, and murderous carnivorous eyes in every shadow...


(Please note this download is an ePub file. Please ensure your device accepts such files prior to purchase.)


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