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Before the story continues, there's another which must be told...

"Space is nothing but a graveyard..."

These were the words uttered by leader of the Utopia mission, Admiral Harry Ransome, in the year 2342. It was the last transmission he ever sent. 150 years later, he is discovered on a distant frozen planet, very much alive having barely aged a day.

This story tells the tale of what happened to Harry Ransome between the sending of that fateful message and the end of 'Horizon.'

Admiral Harry Ransome and the crew of the USS Odyssey are on a mission to find a new home for humanity as Earth teeters on the brink of collapse. Yet Earth's telepathic President, Drusilla, has a sinister agenda. She plans to manipulate Harry and his crew in a perilous game of vengeance, only to subject them to an even more lethal fate.

At the farthest reaches of known space, lies the Expanse - a vast void shrouded in darkness, concealing a ravenous enemy. Harry soon comes to realise that this mission may be his last. Where do you run when one enemy is living inside your own mind, and another lurks in the shadows?

Brace yourself for an epic journey where survival hinges on navigating treachery and confronting the unknown, in this prequel to 2023's Horizon.


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