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Resurrection - Extended Edition

Earth is gone.

When an unknown vessel destroys Earth without warning, only one human woman survives.

The vessel is feared to belong to a people known only as 'The Decimators' who are rumoured to destroy all those they deem to be lesser species, before retreating to their own space on the edge of the galaxy.

However, 200 years later when the woman is unfrozen, she sets out to uncover the truth about The Decimators, her rescuers, and pursue a technology called the 'Resurrection Chamber,' which she believes can bring back humanity.

As she gets further and further into the quest, she must ask herself one question...

How far will she go to bring back her people?

This newly revised, reformatted and extended edition contains a BRAND NEW extra chapter, never before published!

Resurrection - Extended Edition

SKU: res1X
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