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The Game : Extended Edition

Not every horror in Wealdstone is supernatural...

In the chilling town of Wealdstone, where darkness seeps into every corner, evil takes on a far more insidious form than the supernatural. Unveiling a twisted narrative that explores the depths of human depravity, "The Game" delves into the unsettling mind of a twisted serial killer.

Armand Jellico, a man consumed by an insatiable bloodlust from a young age, has devised a malevolent game like no other. To him, each murder is a level, a macabre milestone he must reach. Yet, with each life he mercilessly extinguishes, the stakes escalate, as he cannot advance to the next target until every possibility of capture has been extinguished.

Armand prides himself on his cunning and meticulous planning, but when one level goes awry, the game begins to spiral beyond his control. An unknown party begins manipulating the strings of his grim puppetry. Is Armand Jellico himself unknowingly becoming someone else's perverse level? Is there a mastermind lurking in the shadows, waiting to snatch his soul in a relentless pursuit of revenge?

In this bone-chilling novella, the first in the Dark Corner Literary Universe, author David W. Adams crafts a thrilling horror that doesn’t require the presence of the supernatural. "The Game" will pull you into a harrowing game of cat and mouse, where the line between hunter and hunted blurs, and the true face of terror is revealed. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding journey into the depths of a serial killer's psyche, where nothing is as it seems and every turn of the page reveals a new, horrifying revelation.

In this newly revised and extended edition, the story is extended to reveal what happens after Armand's tale has been told...


(Audiobook is also now available on Audible!)

The Game : Extended Edition

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