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Wealdstone : Crossroads (Extended Edition)

'The dirt shifted beneath the heavy footsteps sending clouds of dust up into the night sky, shimmering in the light of the full moon. A shot rang out and echoed across the valley, bats bursting from the trees circling wildly unsure of which direction to go. Several other sets of footfalls now joined that of the first man, increasing in speed.
Another shot pierced the air, and the man quickly diverted down to his left towards the edge of the river. A third shot hit the surface of the water nearby spraying him, before a fourth shot hit right next to his feet. He couldn’t stop. They couldn’t make him go back. He had to get as far away as possible. Away from him.'

Welcome back to Wealdstone...

...but things are not the same. As the town nears its rebuild almost three years on from its destruction at the hands of the Pain Wraiths, in one small settlement on the edge of the town, evil has made its presence known.

They call the old western town Crossroads and claim that it is the spiritual doorway to other realms, and that the gateway to the Realm of Screams was just the first to be opened.

But when Grace goes missing whilst investigating, it soon becomes clear that this community has a very powerful and strict leader who will stop at nothing to merge the bridges between realms.

Despite a now fractious relationship between them, Kristin and Kathryn reassemble the old team, but they aren't prepared for quite what has been unleashed. Crossroads is not only the home of a dangerous cult leader, but is indeed a home of gateways to other worlds...

Continue the story of the Dark Corner Universe as it expands beyond the confines of Wealdstone and sets the stage for even bigger things to come!


This newly extended edition includes a never before published short story revealing what happened after the story ended!

Wealdstone : Crossroads (Extended Edition)

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